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Ristorante Moma

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Moma, a real treat to the Gourmet, features seasonal menus reflecting a truly creative inspiration, both in the menu à la carte, and the “Tasting Menu”.

Every detail is well taken care of with the most rigourous selection of prime ingredients, the passionate research of rare and genuine flavours reflecting small artisanal traditions. Alessandro and Francesca’s reknown mastery, the modern equipment used and their proven experience acquired from working in Europe’s finest restaurants, guarantee their experiments to be a great certainty. The play of constrats, texture and colors, transform a simple dinner into an extraordinary sensory experience.

Start the journey with ”Orto di stagione”, the assortment of season vegetables from our garden, then let yourself be tempted by the most delicious cod filled ravioli in a consommé of caramelized onions, then again with the  Scallop rolls and baby broccoli and finally conclude with the Meringue with Passion Fruit ice cream and almond custard, as dessert.

Not the least, other options not to be missed, Chestnut flour lasagne with Castelmagno cheese and vegetables, Poached egg with fresh asparagus cream and truffles from Alba, fresh Tortellini filled with piglet & almonds, served with Parmesan fondue & coffee powder, Grilled Calamari served with fresh strawberries and a mousse of foie gras, the Spanish piglet Secreto, Caramelized apricot, mascarpone cheese cream & elder flower jelly. 


  • Moma Restaurant

    Via di S. Basilio, 42/43, Rome, Italy
    Phone: +39 0642011798 info@ristorantemoma.it

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