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True flavours, top-notch local products, creativity and ground-breaking ideas, along with remarkable rigour,  know-how and an innate talent for hosting.


Moma's two souls

Moma is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, with two souls inhabiting the same body: there is the bistro side – modern and dynamic, offering a wide variety of simple, easy-to-eat yet delicious food – and then there is the gourmet side, classy, elegant and experimental. Each soul has its own brain: two chefs with two different styles of cuisine and two separate kitchens.

An “easy and refined cuisine” – as defined in the Michelin Guide – which was deservedly awarded the famous and   coveted Star. Indeed, from breakfast to dinner, Moma offers its guests a warm welcome and carefully-selected local products, coming from small-scale independent producers.
The location presents a design characterized by an essential style with some distinctive elements made upon request of the owners.


The pleasure of conviviality

The interior design and the furniture follow a minimalist style: the warmth of wenge wood and leather creates an interesting blend with the rigour of steel and the large crystal windows. The soothing hazel, mahogany and ecru hues are embellished with décor that aims to celebrate the pleasure of conviviality. The two-coloured location works as a perfect canvas for the chefs’ creations.

The location is distributed over two floors. The ground floor is dominated by the large and welcoming bar, on the left of which there’s a flight of stairs that leads to the restaurant. Moma’s coziness can be appreciated outdoors as well, where a nice dehors offers the chance to relax in the open air from the morning to the evening.


Franco and Gastone Pierini

Moma’s founders are Gastone and Franco Pierini, two brothers who have always worked in the restaurant business. Their career begins very early: as kids they start woking in a small bar run by their mum; but as they grow up the move on from one success to another: at the restaurant “La Fattoria” (one of the largest in Europe, with room for 1600 guests), at “Caffè Italiano”, at “La Buvette” in via Vittoria and, more recently, at “Pro Loco Pinciano”, a true landmark for selected products from Lazio. Their experience is a fundamental element of the Moma project, started about 15 years ago with a precise goal: turn this place into a cozy, elegant and, at the same time, convivial “home” offering a refined choice of food all day long. As of today, Moma is one of the top food locations in Rome.


The Restaurant

The restaurant’s menu is created following ethical criteria: products have to be strictly local, from small-scale producers, and seasonal. These parameters reflect the origins and the belief of the owners and the chef, both in their work and in their daily life (which are shared by all members of staff). Each recipe is meant to enhance the quality of the local ingredients, which need to be treated as little as possible with the aim of preserving their original flavours. At lunchtime there are two options: the à-la-carte menu and a tasting menu consisting of three courses, which are “the same for everyone”, designed for business people who have little time but fine palates. For dinner Moma offers two tasting menus (next to the main one): one consisting of four courses (starter, pasta, main course and dessert) and one of six (two starters, two pasta dishes, a main course and a dessert).


The Bistrot

The bar service is open all day long, from early morning on. Coffees and natural teas, juices, smoothies and fresh fruit, brioches, biscuits and muffins, and a wide choice of tasty cooked-to-order sandwiches. All the bakery products are strictly home-made.

From 11.30 am to 3.00 pm Moma offers a light lunch creating an atmosphere that recalls the Big Apple. All food is served in small portions, and the recipes depend on the daily products: there can be Eggplant Parmesan, codfish pie, rice cake, octopus salad, fish or veg meatballs with tomato sauce, Sartu di Riso (a rice timbale from Naples), a potato gateau. The bistro’s chef is Franco Pierini, who runs the lunch service showing up at work at the break of dawn.


The wine cellar

Our wine list features the best vineyards from all over Italy and, obviously, has a focus on the great classics, like the “Super Tuscan”, the Piedmontese red wines, the white ones from Friuli and from the Islands.

There is also room for sparkling options such as the Franciacorta. Not to forget a well-deserved homage to French red wines, with a selection of the best productions from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire and Champagne.

A special part of the list is dedicated to small-scale local productions, unique wines that tell the story of this land and its hard-working farmers.


Andrea Pasqualucci

Moma’s chef is Andrea Pasqualucci, born in Rome in 1989. He has always seen cooking as his mission in life, which is why he studied at IPSSAR in Tor Carbone. His first experience in a kitchen is with chef Armando De Giorgi, his mentor, who teaches him all the tricks of the trade and the love for food. Then he moves to Aroma, where he works with chef Giuseppe Di Iori, learning the ins and outs of French cuisine and what life in a kitchen brigade means, especially the key role played by team-work. After this experience he is hired at Hotel Aldrovandi, where he works with chef Olive Glowig: here he learns to put Italian products at the centre of his cuisine and the way ingredients have to be cherished. His love for the sea leads him to Senigallia, where he works at Madonnina del Pescatore, run by Moreno Cedroni: here he specializes in fish cooking techniques. In 2017 the Pierini brothers hire Andrea as chef of their Moma restaurant. He loves “poor” products like animal offals and oily fish: his philosophy is the same as his employers’s, which revolves around simplicity and carefully-selected local ingredients. His recipes are thoroughly crafted: “I love thinking of a new recipe – the chef says – as if it were a work of art that needs careful refining: choosing the right ingredients as if they were colours on a painter’s palette. One might think it is easy to create a recipe with a balanced taste out of few ingredients, yet it is the hardest thing and, in my opinion, the highest expression of cooking”.

In 2019 his approach to cooking was awarded a Michelin Star.

Our staff

There is Franco, the expert chef of the bistrot, the young Federico and Teresa, sous chef and pastry chef of the restaurant, not to forget the kitchen brigade and the waiting staff; Moma is one big family.

Franco Pierini
Bistrot Chef
Federico Cucchiarelli
Sous Chef
Teresa Climati
Pastry Chef
Federico Silvi

Our event

Give a dinner

Surprise a dear one by giving them a unique and unforgettable experience, a tasty mix of tradition and innovation, technique and great respect for the ingredients supplied by small local producers. A dinner at Moma restaurant is a real trip in a land of unique flavours, where the ingredients are the true protagonists of the night… their taste enhanced by a clever use of cooking techniques.

Wine-tasting course

Fruity? Tannic? Bold and elegant? How many times have you struggled to understand the characteristics of a glass of wine?
Moma invites its guests to courses that explain the wonderful world of wines.

Tasting techniques, how to use the sense of smell and of taste, viticulture, enology.

These are only a few of the topics you can study and learn listening to our sommeliers and the various producers who come to our meetings.

Wine is not only drunk, it must also be smelled, observed, tasted, sipped and… debated.

Catering & Banqueting

Moma organizes much-appreciated and top-notch catering and banqueting services, for business lunches, coffee breaks, conventions, ceremonies and for many other sorts of event, in the most important locations in and around Rome.



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